Instant information and feedback is a system for managing your contact points.
Contact points are physical locations under your control where your visitors may find it convenient to use their smartphone to access information relevant to that location, or provide you with feedback information about your services.
For example, a restaurant chain provides contact points at each table, or on each menu, where diners can access information about the specific restaurant and menu, and may choose to provide immediate feedback about their dining experience.
Contact points are like web bookmarks - users can use them very quickly without having to make a web search or typing a web address.
You can link them to any combination of your existing web content, new customised content hosted by, feedback questionnaires simple or sophisticated, or any combination of these.
Physically your information is accessed at each contact point through QR codes, NFC (Near Field Communications) or the new wireless iBeacons, depending on the capability of the visitor's device. makes the process of setting up and managing your contact points simple.
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