X-MR Ltd (‘X-MR’) wishes to ensure that your usage of FRend is helpful to your business requirements. We are setting out a page of Terms & Conditions

  1. X-MR has written a suite of components that may be used in Confirmit administered surveys that have been FRend enabled. Such an enablement by a Client will request confirmation that agreement to these terms and conditions is accepted when the survey is registered.

  2. FRend components have been tested in various contexts, but they have not been tested in all contexts. We cannot therefore guarantee that they will work correctly in every context or for every respondent. We are, however, willing to help you verify that any FRend enabled script appears to work correctly but owing to the variety of behaviours by respondents do not guarantee that they will work in a live context in all instances.

  3. If you find a particular FRend enabled Confirmit script for which you have paid does not meet your needs, we will, if you request to do so, dis-enable the script concerned and refund any amounts you may have paid to register the project.

  4. If it is found after launching that a project is not working as you wished, we are willing to withdraw any charges we may have raised subject to the following:

    • You have described how the script is failing
    • You have sent us a copy of the offending script
    • You have shown that the script works correctly when it is not FRend enabled
    • You have given us the opportunity to correct any problems you may have encountered
  5. In the event of any legal process leading to the award of financial damages, the amount of these shall be not more than the amount paid to X-MR by the Client in the previous 3 months including any amounts paid in connection with the project that has allegedly failed.

  6. X-MR accepts no liability for any consequential damages.

  7. Any Legal processes shall be under the legal Jurisdiction of England and Wales

  8. If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please notify us by an email to legal@x-mr.com.

  9. If you wish to us to consider any changes to these Terms and Conditions, please email us at the above email address.

  10. We may amend these terms and conditions from time to time. We will, however, be bound by the version of the conditions applicable at the time when FRend enabling a survey.

  11. You will be provided with an account code and password to FRendmanager which is used to register a project. You further agree that anyone to whom you give these credentials has your authority to complete a registration process that leads to:

    • Agreement to the stated version of the Terms & Conditions
    • Making a financial commitment on behalf of the Client to whom the account code and password have been provided