The web site is a wrapper for the contact point management system, and will be deployed as static pages within the Google App Engine (GAE) application.

This prototype for the web site was created today, using the Urubu static web site generator after investigation of numerous alternatives (including inter alia Hyde, Pelican and Complexity). These were the reasons for selecting Urubu:

  • Good compromise between simplicity and functionality
  • Implemented in Python using familiar Markdown for content and Jinja2 for templating
  • Sensible web site organisation
  • Good prototype site example
  • Plays very well with Bootstrap. Bootstrap is an important factor because the site has to be responsive and mobile-friendly, and life is too short to re-invent any cross-browser wheels.

A static web site approach rather than a dynamic one based on Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etcetera was used for these reasons:

  • Content is managed with the same tools as our source code, and the same benefits
  • Server load is minimal and effortlessly scalable
  • Services requiring server action (e.g. e-mail response) can be provided by simple (and scalable) GAE apps

Urubu will need some extensions for our needs, expected to be straightforward to implement in Python and offered back to the Urubu community:

  • sitemap generator
  • semantic microdata support