X-MR Company vision

In a sentence: “To be useful while having fun” both for ourselves and all those who work with us whether staff or clients. We are intellectually curious. Geoffrey and Iain have spent virtually the whole of our working lives in market research or market research computer software and remain fascinated. We think a job well done is its own reward and the market will reward those who generate value.


Geoffrey Roughton

Geoffrey is a graduate in Engineering and English Literature from Trinity College, Cambridge. He is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and a Fellow of the Market Research Society. His career in market research began in 1955 with Television Audience Measurement Ltd who started the first metered TV audience measurement service in Europe. He went on to found MAS Survey Research Ltd in 1957 (later absorbed into TNS). He was MAS’s director in charge of a The Londonera which was the first major survey in Britain (and Europe) to be analysed on a computer and then MAS became the first market research company in Europe to have is own computer (an IBM 1130) on its own premises. His company, incidentally, was the first UK MR company in the top 10 to appoint a woman director. After selling MAS he joined Alan Hendrickson in Pulse Train Ltd in 1986. He also played a role in helping TNS win a Peoplemeter contract in the Czech Republic and was a director during this period of TNS Media Facts. He went on to become Chairman and CEO of Pulse Train Ltd in 1998 before being joined by Pat Molloy and going on to merge Pulse Train with Confirmit AS in 2007. A renowned a workaholica, he is now embarking on a third career in X-MR.Geoffrey lives in West London, has four children and seven grandchildren, and enjoys challenging walks, good restaurants, good food, good wine, foreign travel and having fun. He is also Chairman of a Housing Association and Financial Director of a Wine merchant.

His main job is serving X-MR as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Iain MacKay

Iain has a guru status in the worldwide market research software fraternity. A Cambridge graduate who was in one of the earliest courses on Computer Science under Professor Maurice Wilkes (inventor of symbolic labels, macros, and subroutine libraries). Iain joined Alan Hendrickson on the formation of Pulse Train becoming its first Technical Director. He designed and authored much of the code for their flagship products Bellview and Star. He remains resident at the leading edge of modern software technology. Iain lives in Surrey and has three children and one grandchild.

He serves X-MR as Chief Technical Officer (CTO).